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Shiloh Center COVID-19 Crisis Statement

As concerns about COVID-19 continue, Shiloh Center is following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and taking precautions to help keep staff, volunteers, and clients safe and healthy. Conversations are ongoing with our Board of Directors, Medical Director, and Executive Director. Additionally, our professional affiliation with Heartbeat International is providing an extension of support.

As always, Shiloh Center is stewarding your support and the resources we have to always be prepared and equipped to defend and protect human life! Today the challenge looks different, but know that we as we face this crisis together, Shiloh Center is committed to minister and be available to women in crisis in every way that is safely possible.

At this time, our team members are working from home, and answering forwarded calls to the center. Each potential client will be screened by a staff member over the phone to determine her needs. Shiloh Center is prepared to make individual appointments one at a time, observing proper social distancing protocol. Clients are also being encouraged to use our 24/7 hotline, chat, and text support center. We are prepared to help meet the needs of clients who may find themselves in emergent need of diapers, wipes, infant formula/food in the coming weeks as their resources are stretched, and perhaps with older children home from school for several weeks.

In this crisis, everyone is being encouraged to do their part for the sake of “saving human lives.” We couldn’t agree more! We know you would agree that any threat to human life should compel us to act ambitiously and promptly. As the situation changes, we commit to keeping you informed of any changes.

Thank you for your ongoing support! We continue to pray for our friends worldwide affected by the Coronavirus. This is a time to join together in prayer for peace, healing and provision.

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